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Paws in Earnest

Stopple for Toppl - Large

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The Stopple® is designed to make enrichment prep easier! Works as a stopper in a large West Paw Toppl to prevent the contents spilling on your surfaces. Featuring a handy magnet for storage after use!

  • Keeps wet contents from spilling out while filling (not water-tight, but works well for wet food and yogurt)
  • Non-toxic, made from plant starch 
  • Please remove before feeding and store out of reach of children and pets (small size can be a choking hazard) 
  • Hand wash 

Fits a large West Paw Toppl (toy not included).


Small and large sizes interlock for an extra challenge. If Toppl's get stuck together, firmly press on middle with hand (or foot!) and roll to release. Freeze yogurts and other wet treats in Toppl - use a wine cork so liquid stays inside while freezing!

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