Grass Fed Beef Green Tripe

Grass Fed Beef Green Tripe

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Our green tripe is sourced from 100% pasture-raised, grass fed and finished cattle. Green tripe is actually the lining of a cow's stomach, completely unbleached and unprocessed, except for the cold-water rinse to remove excess grass. Chock-full of essential fatty acids, probiotics and digestive enzymes, this protein-rich snack is an excellent choice for any pet needing a boost to the immune system or help with finicky digestion. 

  • Ethically sourced from 100% grass fed & finished beef
  • Both a high-value treat & a light chew
  • Nutrient-rich superfood
  • Smelly to humans (irresistible to pets!)
  • Cold-water washed without any bleach or chemical processing
  • Single ingredient without any antibiotics, hormones or additives
  • Minnesota made & sourced

Best For: Dogs over 5 pounds

Contents: 2.5 Oz Pack of Beef Green Tripe

  • Soak in warm water 5-10 minutes to soften
  • Always supervise while feeding
  • Intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only
  • Always provide plenty of fresh water

Storage: Wild Nourish products contain no preservatives. To maintain freshness, store this item in the freezer upon arrival.

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