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Beef Hide w/ Hair - Roll

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9” Extra Thick

Our most durable, dental-cleansing chew! 100% beef hide rolls, completely handmade in-house. Hide provides collagen to support healthy connective tissue and mobility - along with a boost of natural fiber from the inclusion of hair. No added dyes, glues or flavors (unlike traditional rawhides you would find at the pet store)!

  • From local, grass-fed and finished Angus beef
  • Unprocessed, with just a cold-water wash
  • Single ingredient without any antibiotics, hormones or additives
  • Minnesota made and sourced

We always try to send hides that are as thick as possible, but a variation of durability is to be expected depending on where the roll was cut from the hide. Products with hair also retain some of their natural animal scent, which dogs love, but you’ll want to feed outdoors, if possible!

Contents: 1 dried beef hide roll with hair

Length listed is pre-dried hide, variation when fully dry may be up to 1”. 

Feeding Instructions

Always supervise when feeding. If your dog is strong enough to rip large pieces free and swallow them, remove the chew for safety reasons. Limit each chew session to no more than 20 minutes. May be soaked in warm water for 30+ minutes for a softer texture.

Storage Recommendations

Wild Nourish products contain no preservatives. Store in a cool, dry place for 30 days or freeze for up to 6 months. Place in the freezer, uncovered, between chew sessions.

  • Farm-Direct

    Our partner farms are sustainable, ethical and local - sourced only in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Better for the planet and your pets!

  • Handcrafted In Small Batches

    Made in-house, each of our products is individually inspected for safety and quality.

  • Human-Grade

    Never denatured with dyes, chemicals or charcoal. Without any additives or preservatives. Nothing we wouldn't proudly feed our own dogs!

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