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Quail Egg Yolk Topper

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Eggs are considered a perfect protein, with a complete amino-acid complex. We suggest this as a natural way to add fat, choline and whole-food nutrients to your home cooked or raw diet, or as a garnish to entice picky eaters!

  • Rich in amino fatty acids 
  • Single ingredient and human grade
  • Zero antibiotics, hormones or additives
  • Minnesota made and sourced

Contents: 1 oz dried, ground quail egg yolks

Feeding Instructions

1.5 teaspoon per pound of boneless meat in a homemade diet. Use sparingly as a meal topper for kibble and fully balanced diets.

Always work with a nutritionist when formulating your own diet.

Storage Recommendations

  • Farm-Direct

    Our partner farms are sustainable, ethical and local - sourced only in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Better for the planet and your pets!

  • Handcrafted In Small Batches

    Made in-house, each of our products is individually inspected for safety and quality.

  • Human-Grade

    Never denatured with dyes, chemicals or charcoal. Without any additives or preservatives. Nothing we wouldn't proudly feed our own dogs!

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