When do you restock?

    Each week on Thursday at 11am CST! Because Wild Nourish is run by just one person, and our sourcing comes directly from small farms, expect availability to vary. 

    Why choose Wild Nourish treats and chews?

    Our products are carefully sourced from sustainable, local farms, mindfully handcrafted and nutrient rich for optimal benefit and enjoyment. Above all, it is our joy to provide your pets with the highest quality snacks that promote health and vitality, instead of taking away from it.

    What are the benefits of feeding Wild Nourish treats and chews regularly?

    • Enjoyment: The action of chewing provides mental and physical stimulation for happy pets.
    • Dental Health: Bones, cartilage and tendons scrub plaque and tartar for healthy gums and white teeth.
    • Vitality: High protein and the right balance of nutrients from whole foods provide natural energy and can boost the immune system.
    • Improved Digestion: Natural hair and fiber in our products sweep the digestive track and allow for greater levels of nutrient absorption.
    • Healthy Joints and Tissues: Our treats and chews contain natural collagen, cartilage and glucosamine for shiny coats and strong joints, providing support for growing puppies, active and aging dogs.

        Are the products fully cooked or raw?

        Can my pet eat the bones contained in some chews?

        We dehydrate our products at low temperatures for up to 3 weeks in attempt to make the bones as safe as possible. There is always the possibility for sharp edges to be created when a bone is being chewed and/or broken down. We always recommend you supervise your pet while consuming any treat or chew and discard the pieces of bone that may break off while chewing.

        Are the ingredients human grade?

        Yes. We source the highest quality meats from USDA or state-inspected, family-owned farms raising healthy food for people. However, our treats are only for pets, and not intended for human consumption, sorry!

        Where are the ingredients sourced?

        Wild Nourish products are ethically sourced and picked up directly from local farms. While the majority of our proteins are raised in Minnesota and Wisconsin, due to seasonality or availability, we may source occasionally from other US regenerative, pasture-based farms. Some of our farm partners include:

        • Northstar Bison in Cameron, WI
        • Faber Farms and Rabbitry, LLC in Sturgeon Lake, MN
        • Superior Fresh Farm in Hixton, WI
        • TC Farm in Montrose, MN

          How should I store the treats and chews?

          Always reseal the package and store in a cool dry place for up to 30 days, or freeze for up to 6 months. Do not add a partially chewed item back into the bag, as to not introduce moisture back into the unused product. Store instead in an open container in the freezer.

          Is there anything I need to know if my dog is new to Wild Nourish?

          We suggest introducing new treats and chews slowly. For treats, start with just 1 piece a day, increasing the amount over a series of multiple days. For chews, begin with short chew sessions to see how your pup will behave. Because every dog chews differently, all chewing should be monitored at all times. Discard any pieces of bone that break off during consumption.