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Handmade by Wild Nourish

Grass Fed Bison Pizzle

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More commonly know as a bully stick, bison pizzle satisfies your pup’s need to chew while providing both a mental and physical workout! 

  • From 100% grass fed and finished bison
  • Durable, thick bull pizzle
  • A thick, dental-cleansing chew
  • Cold smoked and dehydrated for an irresistible flavor
  • Minnesota made and locally sourced from Wisconsin 

Contents: 1 dried bison pizzle (Average length 5-6”)


Grass fed and finished bison pizzle, cold smoke

Feeding Instructions

Always supervise when feeding any chew to be sure your dog is chewing thoroughly. Limit each chew session to no more 20 minutes. Best for dogs over 10 pounds.

Storage Recommendations

Wild Nourish products contain no preservatives. Store in a cool, dry place for 30 days or freeze for up to 6 months. Place in the freezer, uncovered, between chew sessions.

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