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Dehydrated Bison Ribs

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Bison ribs are an irresistible dental chew. The flat shape reaches all the way to the back of your dog's mouth to scrape away plague and tarter. Bison rib bones are non-weight bearing, yet still carry a chance of dental damage if your dog is not a cautions chewer. Bone-in chews require attentive supervision during consumption.

  • From 100% grass fed & finished lamb
  • Promotes dental hygiene 
  • Human grade 
  • Single ingredient without any antibiotics, hormones or additives
  • Minnesota made and sourced in Wisconsin 

Contents: 3 pieces dried bison ribs (average length 5-6 inches, width .5-1 inch)

Attentive supervision while chewing is required. 

Feeding Instructions

Always supervise while feeding & discard any pieces of bone that may break off while chewing. Intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. Always provide plenty of fresh water. Best for careful chewers.

Storage Recommendations

Wild Nourish products contain no preservatives. To maintain freshness, store this item in the freezer upon arrival.

  • Farm-Direct

    Our partner farms are sustainable, ethical and local - sourced only in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Better for the planet and your pets!

  • Handcrafted In Small Batches

    Made in-house, each of our products is individually inspected for safety and quality.

  • Human-Grade

    Never denatured with dyes, chemicals or charcoal. Without any additives or preservatives. Nothing we wouldn't proudly feed our own dogs!

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