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Naked Munch

Marrow Chews

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Australian marrow chews are truly unique! These soften while your pup chews for a long-lasting, satisfying snack with many benefits. Bone marrow is slow-cooked down to a concentrate, then shaped and dried several weeks.

  • Contains stem cells, minerals and beneficial fats
  • Rich in collagen and glucosamine for healthy joints
  • Helps repair and regenerate cells more quickly
  • Enhances your pet's immune system

Contents: 1 Bar

Small - Average length 4 inches

Large - Average length 6 inches

Handmade in Australia

*Pork and parsley is beef free and made with pork bone marrow 


Goat Milk - 95% Beef Bone Marrow, 5% Goat Milk

Beef Liver - 95% Beef Bone Marrow, 5% Ground Beef Liver

Pork & Parsley, 95% Pork Bone Marrow, 5% Pork Broth Parsley

Feeding Instructions

Always supervise while feeding. Intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.

May be soaked in hot water for 30+ minutes for a softer chew or run under hot water to help your dog start the chewing process if needed.

Storage Recommendations

To maintain freshness, store in a cool dry place for up to 30 days.

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